We’re owned and controlled by our New Zealand shareholder kiwifruit growers. Here, we’ll tell you more about the benefits of becoming a shareholder, how to invest and provide important information for shareholders. 

Growers are an integral part of Zespri  

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You'll need to be current producer to buy shares

Only producers (owners or lessees) of land in New Zealand on which kiwifruit is grown for supply to Zespri may purchase Zespri shares. As we’re a company and not a co-operative, it’s not compulsory for producers to own shares or for non-producers to sell their shares. However, we strongly believe that Zespri share ownership is crucial for this industry to grow and thrive as share alignment creates industry unity, aligns the influence around important decisions that are made about control of the company and makes the sharing of wealth more equitable for all growers.

Have your say

New or existing growers who supply fruit to Zespri but don’t own shares are unable to vote and exercise a degree of control over Zespri to which they would otherwise be entitled. We're grower-controlled by way of shareholders having voting rights based on their historical production. It’s important to have strong alignment between shareholding and production. To help maintain such alignment, our constitution includes a share cap for producer shareholders and dividend cap for non-producer shareholders.

Latest Zespri share trading

See our latest share price and quote sheet on the USX trading portal (you’ll need to be registered to view details). 

See our latest shares update published monthly in the Kiwiflier. 

Understanding the basics - share terminology explained

If you’re thinking about investing in shares for the first time you may not be familiar with all the terminology and processes. Here you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions to help you get started. 

  • A share represents a part ownership of a company. When a company is profitable, dividends can be paid and/or the shares of the company can increase in value. Share trading is a way to trade a stake in a company with any other eligible person. Zespri shares also carry voting rights, where our shareholders can vote on resolutions at our Annual Meetings.  

  • A shareholder is the owner who holds a portion of the shares in a company.

A share market is just like any other market where buyers and sellers come together to work out a price for something. The key difference when trading shares is that the share market is a virtual marketplace and typically all trading is done online. The share market for Zespri shares is on Unlisted Securities Exchange (USX).  

A broker is an individual or a company who handles customer orders to buy and sell shares. Brokers are licensed professionals in fields where specialised knowledge is required. Their rate is often called a brokerage or commission, which is usually a certain percentage of the sale after the trade is completed. Zespri shares are traded on the Unlisted Securities Exchange (USX) platform and shareholders must register with one of the 6 approved (USX) brokers to be able to trade on-market.