The January/February 2024 issue of Kiwiflier is now available

The January/February 2024 issue of Kiwiflier is available online here and below.

Articles in this month’s Kiwiflier include:

  • Dan Mathieson resigns to take up new role
  • February Roadshows to showcase season preparations and future outlook
  • Dan’s view: update from the CEO
  • Industry Alignment update: share alignment info sessions underway
  • EPA Hi-Cane public hearings: 26 Feb – 1 Mar
  • From the markets
  • Zespri in the community
  • 2024 licence release update
  • Finishing Off Blocks for SunGold and RubyRed
  • ZGS update
  • 2024 season planning: Period 1 and Time Rates
  • Fruit quality update: Kiwifruit harvesting guides now available
  • Shares and financial information
  • Zespri Week 7 GA monitoring
  • Zespri GAP health and safety on orchard
  • Freshwater Farm Plan updates
  • Red19 maturity review: changes for 2024
  • MCS 2023-24 enhancement update
  • GET updates
  • New study advances Green Shipping programme to help future-proof industry
  • KVH updates
  • Q&A from the field
  • Upcoming events: Pre-harvest forums
  • Expressions of Interest: 2024 Organic Grower Tour to Korea and Japan; 2024 North America and Chile Grower Tour
  • Expressions of interest for registered suppliers