Find a pest app

Pests, weeds and diseases pose a significant biosecurity threat to the kiwifruit industry. 


The Find-A-Pest app makes it easy identify them, report them and learn how to manage them on your orchard.  You can also stay up to date with important biosecurity information and news related to our industry.

Find-A-Pest app to identify and report


The Find-A-Pest app makes identifying and reporting pests and diseases easy.

Search for and report a known pest, snap a photo for documentation, or report a new pest to help keep our ecosystems healthy.

You can also read biosecurity news and get urgent pest-related notifications.

A gallery of pests seen on kiwifruit


The app features an up-to-date list of pests specific to the kiwifruit industry, including unwanted pests that are not yet in New Zealand.

A find a pest app factsheet


Learn about pests in the library of factsheets. Each fact sheet has images you can compare to the pest in front of you to help you identify it.

Taking a photo with the find a pest app to report a pest


Simply take a photo with the camera button and upload the photo. You’ll get a quick response from a pest specialist, and potential biosecurity threats will be automatically forwarded to Biosecurity New Zealand. 

How-to guide for Find-A-Pest

Screen grab of the how to guide in find a pest

The how-to guide explains how to create an account, set-up a profile and start identifying pests, diseases and weeds.