Zespri launches global healthy eating campaign in Japan

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Zespri has launched a global campaign focused on encouraging people to eat better to help tackle health challenges and improve lives around the world.

The campaign has been launched in Japan with the support of the Japan Dietetic Association, Tokyo Seika – Japan’s largest fruit and vegetable wholesaler, and alongside New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon.

The campaign is focused on improving global health outcomes by encouraging people to swap out one unhealthy food for a serving of fresh fruit or vegetables every day. It has been launched in Japan which has some of the lowest consumption of fresh fruit globally and will be rolled out across major Zespri markets with a series of impactful campaigns designed to promote positive action. 

Zespri CEO Dan Mathieson says Zespri is committed to helping people, communities and the environment around the world thrive through the goodness of kiwifruit and as part of that we want to help the world make healthier eating choices.

“Since 2020 Zespri has supported 26 healthy lifestyle programmes in over nine countries, including nutrition education programmes in schools and working alongside our partners to reach more than one million children but we want to do more.

“While many people know what constitutes a healthy diet – including eating fresh fruit daily, most people do not meet recommended intake levels. The shortfall between the recommended and the actual consumption of fruits and vegetables is directly associated with increased mortality and non-communicable diseases, affecting the wellbeing of people and societies.

“The challenge lies in promoting these healthy, sustainable eating habits. We want to help fix that, supporting people to live healthier lives.

“In Japan, one of Zespri’s largest markets, one in three adults suffer from malnutrition. We’re proud to be launching the Nutrition Reform Project in Japan and starting a movement to reform nutrition so no one is left behind. It’s fantastic to have the support of the Japan Dietetic Association as part of our mission to help people to eat well.”

Japan Dietetic Association President Dr Teiji Nakamura says the Association welcomes the initiative.

“Improving nutrition is the foundation for creating a society where everyone can thrive. We are very much supportive of Zespri to create a healthy society – let the power of nutrition make people healthier and happier.”

New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon says New Zealand is known around the world for the exceptional quality of its food and beverage products, including Zespri Kiwifruit.

“New Zealand has some of the world’s greatest producers, providing healthy products which are in demand around the world. Our companies are also focused on helping to support communities in New Zealand and around the world. It’s great to see Zespri making such a positive contribution here in Japan, building strong partnerships with growers, retailers and consumers and helping to strengthen the relationship between New Zealand and Japan.”

Zespri Chief Marketing, Innovation and Sustainability Officer Jiunn Shih says Zespri Kiwifruit is great-tasting, high quality and nutritious, delivering real health benefits to consumers around the world.

“Kiwifruit is one of the most nutrient dense fruits, and as a brand associated with health we want to help fix that, supporting people to live healthier lives.

“We’re committed to fostering lifelong, healthy eating habits so people can live happy, healthy lives, whether they’re young or old. This campaign is another step towards that.”