Gold3 Select Pick Trial

Select Pick

'By size colour, and brix clearance' to select pick via manual dispensation (under the SLA)

This trial provides the opportunity to select within Maturity Areas (MA) where the latest sample result has not cleared for colour and/or Brix but may have cleared some sizes for by size colour and/or Brix criteria.

By size colour and Brix dispensation will not be required if the latest sample has been cleared for sample level colour and/or Brix.

This manual select pick dispensation will only be granted via email:

Select pick - by size colour and/or Brix clearance dispensation conditions

  • Only allowed during KiwiStart Period 1.
  • Only allowed if the latest sample results are cleared up to at least Size 27 for all Dry Matter, Brix, colour by size metrics.
  • Only applicable to Maturity Areas (MA) packing with one facility and only allowed once per MA.
  • Any new sample results (prior to harvest) will cancel the dispensation granted based on previous sample results. 
  • If the new sample is already in testing, then please wait for the latest  results before submitting a select pick dispensation request.
By Size Colour & Brix Criteria Colour Threshold (*Hue) Lower Brix Factile
16 <105.2 >5.0
18 <106.6 >5.0
22 <108.2 >5.0
25 <109.5 >5.0
27 <110.1 >5.0
30 <110.2 >5.0
33 <110.2 >5.0
36 <110.2 >5.0

If you any questions relating to this size colour and Brix trial, please contact Abdul Jabbar at