2024 Zespri Marketing Showcase recap

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Ahead of each season, our Global Marketing team takes the latest research into consumer trends to design marketing campaigns that help create demand and support sales in the market.

On Wednesday 20 March, Veronique Parmentier (Head of Global Market Research) and KokHwee Ng (General Manager Marketing) shared the latest consumer insights and this season's marketing campaigns with growers at our 2024 Zespri Marketing Showcase.

The conversation began with a discussion about the uncertainty and volatility in the world, which has led to numerous challenges for consumers. Despite this, consumer spending has been steadily increasing every year since 2020, and fruit consumption is on the rise. However, competition in the fruit category is also increasing. Another trend worth noticing is the rise of eco-actives – shoppers who are concerned about the environment and are taking steps to reduce their waste.

These insights into how consumers are thinking and behaving have helped shape this year's marketing activities. These activities are designed to ensure sales rates remain high throughout the year when there's more volume and maximise the value returned to growers. The marketing strategy for 2024 is based on three principles: faster and fewer, bigger and better.

You can view the showcase recording below and navigate to each speaker using the chapters.