Systems Assurance

To customers worldwide, the Zespri label is a symbol of guaranteed quality. To fulfill this guarantee, we have many quality assurance programmes that cover all stages of production from orchard to plate.

Our comprehensive assurance programmes cover all stages of production, from growing fruit in the orchard through to the packing, storage and distribution of fruit.

We want to thank you, our growers, support staff and post-harvest specialists, for your support in maintaining exceptional quality measures, and for your commitment to continuous improvement.

Because we do things according to the best methods available, our Zespri Kiwifruit tastes delicious and is a healthier and safer choice for our customers. Here's a reminder of all the quality assurance programmes we have in place. 

PostHarvest Systems

On-orchard assurance

Zespri GAP

All growers who want to export fruit with us must be certified to GLOBALG.A.P through either Individual Certification or Group Certification (Zespri GAP). GLOBALG.A.P. includes a wide range of standards, including food safety, labour, agrichemical, ethical trading and sustainability, ensuring we deliver safe fruit that meets market import requirements. Most growers use Zespri GAP, which incorporates both GLOBALG.A.P. and GRASP (ethical labour standards) and other New Zealand legislation requirements. These on-orchard production requirements are set out in the Grower Manual.

Zespri Crop Production Standard

This standard advises growers which agrichemical compounds may be applied to fruit that will be supplied to Zespri, and guides when and how they should be applied (for both conventional and organic production systems). This is important to assure our markets and customers that our fruit is safe to consume and meets market import requirements. As part of our crop protection programme, all orchards must submit their spray programme and pass relevant residue tests before harvest and export.

KiwiGreen (IPM)

Our KiwiGreen programme provides growers with information about pests they may find in their orchard, how to monitor these, and, if necessary, how to control them in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Meeting KiwiGreen standards is a requirement for supply to Zespri, because different markets have different import rules relating to pests. Zespri has strict requirements when managing pests using agrichemical compounds. These are set out in our Crop Protection Standard.


All Zespri organic orchards are certified and audited by BioGro New Zealand Ltd, an internationally accredited organic certification body. Organics takes a proactive approach, regularly testing and scanning for pests, using approved organic products and maintaining an ecosystem that has high levels of biodiversity.

Maturity testing

Ensuring that all fruit is harvested at the correct maturity is a key step in ensuring consumers receive delicious fruit. Prior to harvest, all orchards are tested by an independent laboratory to ensure that fruit meets Zespri's strict maturity requirements.

Post-harvest assurance


Every box of Zespri Kiwifruit sold globally can be identified and tracked back to where it was grown and packed.

Grade assurance

Zespri sets standards for the grade and quality of fruit to protect our brand and to meet customer and market requirements. Zespri auditors regularly visit post-harvest facilities to ensure that these standards are complied with. Further product checks are completed prior to export and again on arrival in the market.

Food safety

Post-harvest food safety requirements play an important part in delivering fruit to customers that is safe, healthy and won’t make them sick. Markets and customers require Zespri to supply proof that facilities are certified to an international food safety standard, and registered under the New Zealand Food Act 2014.


Zespri is an accredited partner in the New Zealand Customs Secure Export Scheme (SES). The systems in place ensure that all of Zespri’s kiwifruit exports are packed, stored and distributed in a manner that prevents tampering, contamination or threat. 

Organics for facilities

Only facilities with valid organic certifications are permitted to handle and export organic fruit for Zespri. Facilities must have a current BioGro certification, including JAS certification.

GAP for packhouses

Packhouses are required to be part of the Zespri GAP system, which is managed centrally by Zespri and implemented across all packhouses. Zespri conducts audits of packhouse Zespri GAP systems prior to the start of MSO inspections each year. These requirements are set out in the ZIL Quality Manual.


Zespri has an integrated phytosanitary compliance programme that meets the Ministry for Primary Industries’ Certification Standards. The programme is integrated throughout the Zespri business and post-harvest to ensure that product shipped to market meets the importing countries’ phytosanitary requirements.


In the event of a fruit fly (or other significant pest) incursion in New Zealand, Zespri has essential procedures and checklists for post-harvest facilities to follow.