Having the right training is the key to doing a fantastic job, whether you're out in the orchard or working behind the scenes. Find out about what training resources, requirements and opportunities are available to you.

Producing, packing, storing, and exporting the world's best kiwifruit involves a lot of specialised tasks. Some have specific certifications and dedicated training modules, such as KiwiGreen and Pest ID. These ensure you have the skills and knowledge required to meet our high-quality standards.

Of course, many aspects of the job involve learning out on the orchard. But even then, it can help immensely to understand why things are done.

We're passionate about ensuring you get the best training in the way that suits you best. That's why we're working hard to tailor more of our training materials in various languages, making it easier for everyone in our diverse community to learn and thrive.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates on this.