Expressions of interest: 2024 Zespri south island grower tour


We invite you to join our Carbon Emissions Reduction Tour to the South Island in February 2024.

The tour explores some of New Zealand's leading examples of sustainable practices in the primary industries and their approaches to sustainability and value creation. This tour not only offers a unique opportunity to learn more about these practices but also directly addresses the industry's call to identify applicable practices to enhance our collective impact in the kiwifruit industry.

From the breathtaking landscapes of Lake Hawea Station, thefirst Toitū climate positive certified Farm in New Zealand, to the world’s first 100% electric, zero fossil fuel cherry orchard, Forest Lodge, as well as the trailblazing initiatives at Silver Fern Farms, each visit provides insights into sustainable agriculture that can be applied to our own industry. Engage with industry experts and understand the challenges, successes, and impact of sustainable practices in the primary industries. Participants will gain a firsthand look at the forefront of environmental stewardship and innovation.


The tour will depart on Monday 19 February, returning on Thursday 22 February 2024. Interim tour details are as follows, and further information will be provided in due course.

Lake Hawea Station is a Toitū climate positive certified sheep and beef farm located near Lake Hawea. Covering vast landscapes of rolling hills and mountains, the station is known for its breathtaking views and natural beauty. The farm is committed to sustainable land management practices and emphasises conservation leadership. Lake Hawea Station plays a significant role in the region's agriculture, contributing to New Zealand's renowned pastoral farming industry.

Silver Fern Farms takes a bold step towards sustainability with its Net Carbon Zero Beef & Lamb range, offering certified grass-fed, end-to-end net carbon-zero red meat. What sets this initiative apart is its commitment to absorb 100 percent of end-to-end emissions through strategically planted trees within the farms. This forward-thinking approach emphasises eco-conscious livestock practices and showcases a dedication to environmental stewardship. Silver Fern Farms' farmers play a pivotal role in this endeavour, actively engaging in efforts to protect and restore native bush and extensive tree plantings. The result is a harmonious blend of agricultural productivity and environmental responsibility, making Silver Fern Farms a trailblazer in sustainable meat production.


Nestled in the heart of Central Otago, Forest Lodge Cherry Orchard is a remarkable six-hectare high-density cherry orchard that redefines sustainable farming practices. Setting a groundbreaking standard, the orchard operates entirely without burning fossil fuels, marking a significant stride towards environmental consciousness. It also proudly houses New Zealand's first electric tractor, representing a commitment to innovative, eco-friendly agricultural machinery. Forest Lodge Cherry Orchard is the world's first 100 percent electric, zero-fossil fuel orchard, showcasing a pioneering model for environmentally responsible cherry cultivation in one of New Zealand's most stunning regions.


Tinwald Farms stands at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, with a focused commitment to regenerative practices. Embracing the principles of regenerative agriculture, Tinwald Farms takes on the challenge of addressing climate warming, desertification, and biodiversity loss in a holistic manner. A notable aspect of their initiative includes the integration of 20 hectares of vineyards seamlessly into their overall farming systems, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to land use. By blending traditional and innovative methods, Tinwald Farms exemplifies a dedication to mitigating environmental challenges while fostering a biodiverse and resilient farming ecosystem. This concerted effort positions Tinwald Farms as a beacon of regenerative agriculture, contributing to a more sustainable and ecologically balanced agricultural landscape.

Sustainable winery visit to be confirmed.

Further information

If you would further information including pricing and the full tour itinerary, please email Zespri Grower Tour Coordinator Lindsay Crean at or 027 628 8651.

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