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Meet the external organisations, independent industry bodies and regulators that represent growers and promote the interests of the wider kiwifruit industry.

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New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated (NZKGI) is a grower advocacy body established to protect and enhance the commercial and political interests of New Zealand kiwifruit growers.


For more information on NZKGI visit their website or contact NZKGI directly on 07 574 7139 or

New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers

Kiwifruit Vine Health Inc (KVH) is responsible for managing biosecurity readiness, response, and operations on behalf of the kiwifruit industry.


For more information on KVH visit their website or contact KVH directly on 0800 665 825 or


To access the KVH membership login page, click here.

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KNZ is an independent industry regulator established on 1 April 2000 under the Kiwifruit Industry Restructuring Act 1999 and Kiwifruit Export Regulations 1999. KNZ is responsible for issuing export authorisation, monitoring and enforcing mitigation measures, and regulating collaborative marketing.


For more information on KNZ visit their website or contact KNZ directly on 07 572 3685 or

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The Industry Supply Group (ISG) manages decisions relating to the supply chain process. Specifically, they monitor quality assurance and rules around labelling, packaging and the export of kiwifruit. They also help in the negotiation of industry wide commercial contracts relating to supply chain activities.


For more information on ISG, please email ISG secretary Susan King at



Zespri Representatives

  • Lorry Leydon (Head of NZ Supply)
  • Graham Kelly (Commercial Manager)
  • Tim Mackle (Head of Global Quality and Technical)
  • Roimata Bryans (Quality Assurance Manager)

Grower Representatives

  • Chris Anstis
  • Neil Mogey
  • Robert Humphries

Supplier Representatives

  • Les Dimond (G4 Kiwi Supply Limited (Apata Suppliers Limited, DMS Progrowers Supply Entity Limited, Trevelyan Growers Limited)
  • Kate Bryant (Integrated Fruit Supply and Logistic Limited (Seeka))
  • Richard Fraser-Mackenzie (Southlink Supply Limited (Eastpack))
  • Luke McKay (Mainland Kiwi Growers Entity Limited)
  • Mark Hume (G6 Kiwi Supply Limited)
  • Debbie Robinson (Trevelyan Growers Limited)
  • Brendon Lee (Mount Growers Supply & Auckland Growers Supply Limited)
  • Jason Gibbs (Apata Suppliers Limited)
  • Murray Gough (DMS Progrowers Supply Entity Limited)
  • Alan Thompson (Kainui Pack & Cool Limited)
  • Noel Cooper (Cooper Coolpac Limited)
  • Melissa Walker (Riverlock Packhouse Limited)


  • Neil Mcloughlin

The Industry Advice Council (IAC) manage the financial, tax and government related aspects of the kiwifruit industry. IAC advises on issues relating to the Supply Contract, decisions relating to the treatment of and payment for fruit and matters with material financial implications for growers.


For more information on IAC, please email IAC administrator, Natasha Epapara at


Zespri Representatives

  • Tony Hawken - Zespri Director (IAC Chairman)
  • Nathan Flowerday - Zespri Director
  • Paul Jones – Zespri Director
  • Jason Te Brake – Chief Operating Officer
  • Tracy McCarthy – Executive Officer Grower & Industry  

Grower Representatives (NZKGI)

  • Sally Gardiner 

  • Mark Mayston

  • Tammy Hill 

  • Whetu Rolleston

  • Sean Carnachan 

Supplier Representatives

  • Colin Davies
  • Stephen Butler
  • Michael Franks
  • Jan Benes
  • Hamish Simpson 

The Organic Management Committee (OMC) plays an important role in providing a forum to monitor the performance, discuss ideas and develop initiatives to be taken to the industry for consideration. 


View the Terms of Reference  for the OMC.


For more information on OMC, please email Zespri Organic Supply Specialist Teresa Whitehead at



  • Neil McLoughlin (OMC Chair)
  • Paul Jones (Zespri Director)   
  • Craig Skelton (COKA Chair) 
  • TBC (NZKGI Representative) 
  • Jeff Roderick (COKA Representative)
  • Dennis Robinson (COKA Representative) 
  • Doug Voss (COKA Representative)
  • Paul Gardiner (Grower/Post Harvest Representative) 
  • Emily Woods (Post Harvest Representative)
  • Jon Merrick (COKA Vice Chair/Bio Gro/Post Harvest Representative) 
  • Donna Atkinson (Post Harvest Representative)
  • Braden Strahan (COKA Representative) 
  • Tracey Armstrong (Zespri Global Portfolio Lead – Organics)
  • Teresa Whitehead (Zespri Grower Relations Manager – Organics) 

Māori Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated (MKGI) was established in 2016 by and for Māori Kiwifruit Growers. MKGI strives to advocate for Māori Kiwifruit Growers to achieve leadership in the industry, increase returns and production, and to accomplish more efficient access to information of Māori profile within the industry.


For more information on MKGI, visit their website or contact MKGI Chairman Anaru Timutimu on 022 414 7543.

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Woman in Kiwifruit (WiK) was established in 2017 and is a network that aims to connect women in the kiwifruit industry and deliver a platform to build connections, share experiences and provide opportunities to further support the contribution of women in the kiwifruit industry.


Find out more about WiK events and news through their Facebook page  or email Vicki Beauchamp-Dixon at .

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