Our commitment to sustainability is grounded in our roots

The kiwifruit that we all play a role in crafting is a global hit, because they taste fantastic and pack a nutritional punch. But another thing that our consumers love about us, is that we're taking care of the environment and leaving a gentle footprint. 

When you grow with us, you're not just producing fruit, you’re part of something much bigger. Your hard work makes a world of difference for future generations, and we're here to celebrate that and help to keep us all on track.

Through our sustainability strategy we aim to protect our environment, and the value of our kiwifruit. Increasingly, it’s not only what our consumers want to see, but also it is what they expect.

Learn more about our sustainability strategy, targets and actions on our public website – or search for resources, research and support below. 


Our priorities 

Our kiwifruit


Zespri Kiwifruit always comes out on top when it comes to packing in the good stuff, making it a super-healthy choice for a daily dose of goodness. So it makes sense to promote this far and wide, and encourage people to eat better and live healthier. 

Our environment

We're on a mission to make a real difference by cutting down our industry's environmental impact, from fruit production through to supply and sales. Our focus is on the areas of packaging, water quality and climate change.

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We want to continue to lead, to show that we’re truly a purpose-led organisation. Our climate change strategy outlines the goals, objectives and milestones that will allow Zespri to lead the industry’s transition to a low-carbon, climate resilient future.

Carbon Neutral

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Zespri has released its first-ever Climate Change Adaptation Plan – Adapting to Thrive in a Changing Climate - outlining how the kiwifruit industry intends to adapt to a changing climate in New Zealand and in its offshore growing locations. 


Our industry is already experiencing and responding to the physical, market, and regulatory impacts of climate change and this plan looks to build on the responses and work already underway across the industry.

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Over the coming decades, climate change and its effects will have economic and physical implications on how we all grow and operate. 


These factsheets give an overview of the changes in climate we expect to see in different regions, and some actions growers can consider taking to adapt. 

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Our Orchard Carbon Footprint Calculator is a tool to help growers measure green-house gas emissions (i.e. carbon footprint) on orchard.

The carbon footprint of a kiwifruit orchard is comprised of emissions resulting from the manufacture and/or use of the following: fertilisers and compost, sprays, energy (fuel and electricity), waste and capital (anything used to support or protect the crop i.e. pergola structure and artificial shelter).

The web-based tool enables growers to identify which of these are the biggest sources of emissions for their orchards, as well as comparing their footprints to other growers.

Watch: Carbon Neutral Trial

A committed cohort of 19 growers and three packhouses are taking part in Zespri's Carbon Neutral Trial, which aims to understand how we can further lower carbon emissions from orchards, supply chain, and into market.

Triallists have now completed the first season, where they measured their baseline emissions, submitted emissions reductions plans, and are now implementing plans to reduce their emissions in the second season. 

Stay tuned for more information on our Carbon Neutral Trial here. 


We’re working closely with industry to reduce our packaging footprint. Almost 90% of our packaging is currently recyclable, reusable or compostable but we know there’s more to do, which is why our recent work has included introducing home compostable fruit labels, converting packaging to cardboard and exploring potential new technologies to ‘re-imagine’ our current packaging. 

There’s a lot going on in this space – you can see how we’re tracking on the public site.


The kiwifruit industry has a robust water strategy that’s focused on nutrient management, efficient water use and improving soil health.

We’re excited to say that over the past year we’ve made steady progress, and established the foundations needed to meet targets.

To view details on this topic and see how we’re tracking, check out our public website.

Each orchard has different soil, climate, vine age and other characteristics that may need different management approaches. 

Our communities

It’s all about caring for people – both within the kiwifruit industry and in our wider communities.

We want everyone who works with us to feel valued, safe and supported in their jobs, and do our utmost to build a talented, thriving workforce.

Externally, our local communities where we grow kiwifruit have such a strong influence on our industry, so we have an awesome plan to give back and contribute to building happier and healthier communities.