Zespri Annual Meeting


21 Aug 2024 | 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM

The 2024 Zespri Group Limited Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday 21 August 2024 at 1pm at Mercury Baypark Arena. The Annual Meeting will also be available to attend virtually and those attending online will be able to ask questions and vote remotely.

Nominations have now closed for the Zespri Board of Director vacancies and Director Remuneration Committee - Shareholder member vacancy.

Formal notice of the Company’s Annual Meeting, including the list of nominees standing for each director and Director Remuneration Committee vacancy, voting and proxy form, and additional voting information will be sent to shareholders mid-July.

2023 Annual Meeting recording and results

The 2023 Annual Meeting was held at 1 pm, Wednesday, 23 August, at Mercury  Baypark in Mount Maunganui. If you missed this in person, you can view the event recording.

See below all the key resolutions discussed, and the voting outcomes.

2023 Preliminary resolution results

Resolution Resolution description Percentage of votes for
1 ​Approval of the Company's 2022/23 Annual Report 99.8%​
2 Election of Director - Vacancy 1 (Nathan Flowerday) 98.2%​
3 Election of Independent Director - Vacancy 2 (Michael Ahie) 89.4%​
4 Election of shareholder member of the Director Remuneration Committee - Vacancy 1 (Andre Hickson) 99.7%
5 Appointment of Auditors (KPMG) 99.8%

Annual Report 21-22

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